More Convenience

Less Paper

Balance your books efficiently with the ability to process ACH settlements multiple times a day. An ACH payment solution can:

  • Do away with checks and frequent trips to the bank
  • Save your customers time paying bills by creating a seamless, carefree process
  • Scale back the likelihood of identity theft by removing the need for paper statements

Relying on ACH payment solutions can be beneficial: not only will your business be seen as environmentally friendly, your customers will appreciate the convenient payment opportunities provided by your processing.

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Ditch the Fees

Ditch the Fees

An ACH payment is processed through an electronic network in payment groups referred to as “batches” and the cost can sometimes be lower than standard credit card processing fees. An ACH payment network will also:

  • Transmit payments electronically, increasing cost savings and decreasing processing times
  • Typically cost less than $0.10 per transaction thanks to batch processing as opposed to processing a paper check which costs over a dollar on average.

Lower ACH processing fees might be the most obvious benefit of ACH solutions, but cost reduction can also help your business reach new heights faster than planned.


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