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Learn about the impact of our Payline Giving program.


Part of our mission at Payline is to increase awareness and raise money for charitable non-profit organization partners.

Why Donate?

Less than 5% of donations come from businesses. To grow that, we make it easy for our merchants by donating at no cost to them.

Donation Calculation

Credit cards are used more than 20 billion times a year in the U.S., totaling $1.9 trillion dollars. Learn more about the impact in our industry.

10% of Every Account

Payline calculates donations from our gross margins from the merchant processing costs and gateway fees.


The best charities are very cost effective. It's important to find out how much of every dollar you donate actually goes to the cause.

What's the Catch?

There isn't one. On average, companies spend between 5% to 15% on advertising and marketing. Payline's is done jointly to support non-profits.

Select an existing charity

Every merchant that signs up for Payline Data services will have 30 days to choose a charity from our non-profit list. This 30 day period starts the day that the merchant account approval email is sent to the merchant by Payline Data.

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Non-profit referrals

Merchants that are referred to Payline Data by our non-profit partners will donate back to that charity. We do this out of respect and for our commitment to the non-profits we work with.

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Donation Calculation

Understand the role of credit cards in society, and how charities can benefit from our program.

Learn About Our Charities

We work to ensure that the money raised makes as significant a difference as possible.

Spread the Word

We encourage all of our merchants to tell their customers they give back. It's important to share and continue to raise support for those in need. Proudly display our banner at your business to let others know how important social giving is to you.

Contact us at (800) 284-7401 to be a part of our program or sign up for free below.

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